My Daemon Persaon

Friday, November 30, 2007

I should suppose that after two months, it would only be proper that I write concerning the most important, life-changing event, that has ever occured to me in Second Life (or for that matter, real life)! That is, my marriage to the most wonderful woman I have ever met, Abigail Cordelia. Abi has deepened my life in so many ways. We have been married since September 25th, and amazingly, in the world of Second Life, were relationships tend to last on average about two weeks, our bond has gotten stronger each day. Every day with my Abi is a new adventure, as we journey through this Second Life together. Not only have we helped each other grow as individuals, but are we truly growing together as a couple! I thank God and Goddess for bringing this most amazing of ladies into my life, my brave Lioness, my dear wife, Abigail Cordelia! I can honestly say, that in all my years of life, I have NEVER been this much in love with someone, or love someone so deeply.
I love you, my wife!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Victorian Web Comic

First, my apologies to all for not having posted in quite a long while. I won't bore you with excuses or reasons, just know I am sorry.

Now, on to fun stuff. I have recently "discovered" web comics. I knew they were always out there, I just never bothered before to look at them. I have several favorites already, but one is of a particular interest to us Neo-Victorians. It is relatively new, as there are only 43 pages so far, so it won't take long to get up to speed in the story-line, which already is showing itself to be interesting (it's #1 on both Buzz Comix! and Top Web Comics), so that should be indicative that it has already created an interested public. It's called "The Phoenix Requiem" and is billed as "A Victorian fantasy story about faith, love, and a whole lot of ghosts." I invite my readership (if I even still have one), to visit the site at . Enjoy!