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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Werewolf Finally Captured....on Daguerotype!

My brave soon-to-be-knighted Americanpsycho98 Book Battleing the WereWolf!

What a most interesting of Caledonian nights!

Finally caught a decent piccie of the beast....

Ok, here I was, hard at work at my Estate in the Moors, working with urgency on my Wiccan Ritual Altar, in part to find a cure and protection from "The Were". As I diligently laboureded on micro-primming, by my Fey powers I was aware the were-beast was about to pass close, but safe-assured in the protection my future knight of the estate, Americanpsycho98 Book, I contnued to work unabated and undaunted by the werewolf's swiftly encroaching lope. Sure enough, he passed by us close, and 98 gave immediate chase. Nonchalantely, I continued working, till 98 decided I needed to be near him for safety. I joined him anon, and was greeted by quite a large crowd of Caledonians, some thirsty for the blood of the beast, and some hungering to help and rehabilitate him.

Another shot of the critter, crouching...whether in anticipated attack, or fear, I know not...

So I joined my beloved at the Moors cemetary, where quite a large crowd had gathered. There was much ado about nothing at first. 98 apparently wounded the beast with his silver-forged sword Bloodfang, but the other-worldly creature continued his prowl of the Caledonian country and town-side unfazed. Without warning, suddenly a number of people equipped with the anti-werewolf talisman, developed by the inteprid and industrious Mr. Lucius Sin, gave signal that the were-critter was upon us! Using my Fey powers, I enhanced my dagguerrotype with a lighting exceptionally above at what is normal night in our faire nation. I caught the above-two shots using this ancient and arcane magyck. It's amazing what the Fey can see at night, and how well, that mer emortals are incapable of.

Suddenly, I decided to give the beast a chase, using my Sidhe abilities of swift flight. I ran him into Professor Avalanche's Werewolf-trapping cage, but before the cage could close entirely, with super-human speed the rascalry lycanthrope escaped at he last minute! I hounded the monster into Caledon Tamrannoch, where I lost him. Anon, my beloved 98 joined me. As we stood discussing the creature's habits, he suddenly rushed past us! 98 took immediate chase! He had already wounded the creature this evening, and thought he could catch him, but the lyc's super-bestial strength allowed him to escape. We returned to the Moors cemetary, where a large crowd of Werewolf hunters were gathered.

Werewolf hunters, with my VERY brave 98 standing guard over me!

Certain of my Fey protection, I was positive the Were could not harm me, but 98 insisted on protecting me! (Goddess, isn't he sweet!) It was then I decided I needed a talisman developed by Mr. Lucius Sin, which is available at the Caledon Moors telehub for $100L, and helps support Relay For Life (not to keep me safe, but to help me be aware of the the were's presence!) Sure enough, the Werewolf appeared AGAIN! I am beginning to believe my 98's assertion that the lycanthrope has plans for me. We all gave him chase, but at the Moors/Tamrannoch border, he esacaped,

Chasing the Were the fourth time for the night!

In any event, returning *again* to the Moors cemetary, we encountered an outworlder police officer, who had the temerity to try to make order of our Caledon lynchmob. Being the highest-ranking Caledon nobility in the vicinity, I took it upon myself to firmly inform the outworlder that we Caledonians have our own law, and having no Guvnah, Vicereine, Duchesses, or Countesse at hand, and being mere feet away from my Baronial estate, I let it be known that she had no authority in our nation...especially AFTER she rudely told me she was going to take me in for questioning! Needless to say, the grim but silent affirmation of my fellow Caledonians silenced her. Indeed, quite an eventful night in Caledon, when I was expecting to merely do some building, and spend time with my sweetie!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Honourable Mr. JJ Drinkwater's Rezz Day Party

Me and my fiance 98 working the dance floor at JJ's Rezz Day party

Once again, Caledonians and Steelhead citizens gathered together to this case Caledon's honourable Librarian Extraordinarre Mr. JJ Drinkwater's Rezz Day. As per usual, the DJ'ing was performed by none other than the incomparable Duchess of Carntaigh, Lady Gabrielle Riel, through her Riel Radio programme. It was hosted by the wonderful Duchess of Primvernesse, Lady CoyoteAngel Dimsum, on her fantabulous Steampunk Estate, on a sky platform of wonderful modern technology.

The music was awesome, the venue fabulous, and the company inestimable. The highpoint of the evening was the Haiku Manwich, which was enjoyed by 99.99999999999999999% of the guests (myself included among those who enjoyed the festivities. Sir ZenMondo Wormser, and the Rezz Day Boy himself, "dueled" it out with a series of 5-7-5 haiku's honouring the Duchess' grace and beauty.

Sir Zen and Mr. Drinkwater exhibiting their their Haiku skills, among other things.

For those who missed it, I include a transcript of the Haiku exhibition:

JJ Drinkwater: Good Sir ZenMondo/I think it now behooves us/ to Oblige Her Grace?
ZenMondo Wormser: To oblige her grace / no greater honor is this / to serve great beauty
JJ Drinkwater: to serve great beauty/ one poet tries with his skill/ *two* must use teamwork
ZenMondo Wormser: Two must use teamwork / a bond not to be broken / Three is much stronger
JJ Drinkwater: Three *is* much stronger/ a number famed in magic/ three wishes, three fates....
ZenMondo Wormser: Three Wishes, Three Fates / three dancers are intertwined / Grace is apperant.
JJ Drinkwater: Grace is apparent/ if Grace turns away from one/ the next will catch her
ZenMondo Wormser: The next will catch her / If one is falling in love / never hit bottom
JJ Drinkwater: never hit bottom/ when Beauty's held by we who/ pass Grace hand to hand
ZenMondo Wormser: Pass Grace hand to hand / whispers will pass heart to heart / sharing the beauty.
JJ Drinkwater: Sharing the beauty/ to have a fellow who knows/ my meter, is joy
ZenMondo Wormser: "My Meter is Joy" / I think Drinkwater's Bragging / there is more than size.
JJ Drinkwater: there is more than size/ when as well as height and breadth/ we measure in rhyme
ZenMondo Wormser: we measure in rhyme / passion surely is no crime /while dancing in time
JJ Drinkwater: while dancing in time/ we find, too, that there is space/ for this energy
ZenMondo Wormser: for this energy / propelling us to the sky /more than potential

I am certain Mr. Drinkwater enjoyed himself for the extremely largest part of the evening, as could be said for the extremely vast majority of the other atendees. Once again, Happy Rezz Day JJ!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Shat sings Common People

Thought I would share this live version of the The Shat and Joe Jackson singing Common People on The Tonight Show. Enjoy!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Engagement Party

Last evening 98 and I celebrated our engagement with a wonderful party hosted by 98 at his estate. I got to spend several intimate moments with the love of my life.

I must admit this is all so thrilling and exciting to me, while yet being a little bit frightening. Yet I always feel safe in his caring arms. It's nice to know that there is someone out there that views you as special. The feeling of loving and being loved is intoxicating.

Many of the usual suspects were there, and a number of others. It was a warming feeling knowing so many people care about me. Of course, the Duchesses were there, Ladies Eva and Gabrielle (and Gabi was hosting her own GenX event in Mayfair at the same time...I was greatly honoured she was able to make it!) Among the Caledonians, Lady Kate Nicholas was there as well as Caledon's notorious Colonel (or is it now Post Captain, I get so confused who is titled and ranked as what anymore), Hotspur O'Toole, master code poet Sir ZenMondo Wormser, the intrepid Qlippothic Projects, Miss Lavendar Beaumont, Miss Abigail Raymaker, Diamanda Gustafson, Astronomer and equestrian Mr. Nerk Noonan, Mr. Roy Smashcan, the indomitable Miss Hermoine Pennyfeather, inventor dragon extraordinairre Dominic Webb, Miss Taibah Takahe (sp?), Starlight Vandemer (sp again?), Dr. Darien Mason, and several other Caledonians who I just met that night and whose names escape me. 98's furry friends Tossi, Tails, Amy, and Roze, and another of his friends, Chloe (who I believe is a queen or princess in her land), also were in attendance. I am sure I missed several others, and my apologies are already forthcoming for haven forgetten you.

We did have a surprise visitor...the WEREWOLF! Miss Diamanda Gustafson managed to get this picture of him as he fled. If I had been prepared, I would have had a beautiful pic of him leaping over the guests. Needless to say, by the time I got my camaera in angle, he managed to disappear in the shadows before I could get a shot off. I doubted the rumours before, but now I know they are true!

As the party wound down, there was only 98 and myself, and Tossi and Tails dancing. Tossi is a dear friend of 98's, and contributed his time as D.J. for the event as his engagement gift to us.

Tossi and Tails working it.

Finally, it was just 98 and I. What a wonderful evening, filled with good friends, good times, and good memories. I love this red dress 98 got me, it matches the new shoes I got just the other night at Lassitude & Ennui in Victoria City. I must admit, I came near to tears when 98 had Tossi dedicate the song "Angel" by Evanessance to to me. That is our special song, and whenever I hear it, I think of 98. Thank you all who came, and thank you, 98 for a romantic evening!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jurassic Caledon Eyre

With the expansion of Caledon into Eyre, certain new information of Caledon's ancient prehistory has come to light. Apparently, when 98 and I entered the new territory, a tear in the time-space fabric allowed us to enter into Caledon's Jurassic past. As we climbed the highest peaks of Eyre, our eyes took in the lovely sights of Tanglewood and and Kittiwickshire, with Lionsgate's lofty mount seen in the hazy distance. We turned our gaze to Eyre's valley, and we were surprised at seeing these magnificient beasts!

We quickly descended the ridge into the verdant valley below. Perhaps Darwin or one of his students could describe to us what manner of creatures these might be.

They seemed to be a peaceful sort, wallowing in the swamp, lazily grazing upon the lush foliage. They didn't seem to mind our presence, as we wandered amongst them

Caledon is filled with surprises. Eventually, time warped back to it's normal sense, and the gentle giants were gone. It's my believe that the Historical and archeological Societies commence a dig, and discover what bones may be unearthed throughout Caledon, giving us insight to our mysterious distant past.

(Special thanks to Burtram Forester for creating these wonderful dinosaurs, and allowing me to photograph them, and also to Desmond Shang allowing Caledon Eyre to be a sandbox for a night so they could be built and shared)!


Well, on to the most thrilling of news. My beau, americanpsycho98 Book (who I affectionately call 98), has proposed to me! He gave me a lovely engagement ring, and has asked me to be his Second Life bride! While I admit I am a little scared about that, I am also very excited. All my previous romances in SL have ended in tragedy. Having experimented for a long while in D/s relationships, I have found them to be greatly lacking in the romance field, or if there was romance, it always failed. And my first partnership with Tyrus Collingwood left me devastated, as she was abusive. But 98 is one of the kindest, sweetest gentlemen I ever found in SL. A true Caledonian gentleman, this Neko has furred his way into my heart! *grins* He is patient with me, kind, gentle, and allows me to go and grow at my own pace, never rushing me. And it is wonderful to see him grow too! What every woman really needs, a true Mensch! I look forward to watching us grow together in SL! Tonight he is holding an engagement party at his estate in Tamrannoch, so I hope to see all my Victorian friends there!

Getting Up To Speed

Haiku Duel Between Colonel Somme and Mr. Drinkwater at the Duchy of Caledon Primvernesse

Well, it would appear that alot has happened in the last month. I must beg my readers' forgiveness for being so slow to returning to my diary. At the best of times, I am not the most diligent of writers, and the hectic and fast-paced events of Caledon has kept me from my duties in regards to my journal.

How can I even begin? To start with, I returned to the land of the living May 11th. After 40 days and 40 nights in the Underworld with no blood to sustain my Vampyric tendencies, they were weakened to the point that Dr. Darien Mason was able, through the use of ancient and arcane means, to restore my spirit pristine to to my Fae body, purified from the taint of Vampyrism. I once again walk the land of the living, as one of the living. The same Dr. also kindly restored my son Elijah Bastillion, freeing him from that curse as well, through the usages of Magycks even I am fearful to call upon (such as invoking that Nameless Ancient One, Cth***). Sadly, while I was gone, evil forces managed to kidnap my daughter, Raivyn Elizabeth, and until I can recover her, she is yet infected. Hopefully, the stasis spell I have placed upon her will keep her safe till she is once again in my arms.

Caledon is indeed the place of parties. It seems like upon my return, there were more parties on my social schedule than I almost could handle. We celebrated my Rezz Day at my pavillion the night of my return, as well as it being a welcome back party of sorts. It was indeed a pleasurable time. We also during this past month celebrated both the Honourable Kate Nicholas' and Her Grace the Duchess of Loch Avie, Lady Eva Bellambi's Rezz Days. Of course, there was also the party launching the opening of Her Grace the Duchess of Carntaigh, Lady Gabrielle Riel's "Radio Riel". We had the final ball of the Caledon Spring Social Season, and the Relay For Life Pirate's Ball event. As usual, most of these events "degenerated" into raves, with topless Baronesses and Duchesses, Mr. Drinkwater in a thong, and many men just wearing kilts. There were several infamaous Duchess sandwiches, with Red Caliber, Kate Nichols, and myself all serving as luscious meats. We even had a mud wrestling match once (very humorous).

There was a magnificent Haiku Duel (another Relay For Life event), between Caledon Librarian J.J. Drinkwater and Colonel Exrex Somme. Sir ZenMondo Wormser served as Mr. Drinkwater's second, while Colonel Hotspur O'Toole stood as Colonel Somme's second. The beautiful Shylah Garmes moderated. It was a close match, quite humorous and bitingly sarcastic at times, but both gentlemen ended the duel in a most honourable manner, and Mr. Drinkwater won the event. Lots of money was raised for Relay For Life.

Another big event was the Tournament For Life, held by Duchess Eva, and her friend Telemachus Dean, whereas there was an exchange of cultural ideas between Gor and Caledon, and a magnificent series of duels. Though our Colonel Hotspur O'Toole was smaller than the Gorean warriors, he held out quite well during his match, and though he lost, he did so bringing honour to Caledon. Once again, much money was raised for Relay For Life.

J.J. Drinkwater held several events of note. One was a very fascinating discussion on steam-powered, armoured naval vessels during the Victorian era at the library. Another was an exposition on the Brownings. Both were very informative. I myself am grateful for Mr. Drinkwater's contribution to the intellectual expansion of Caledon!

Some really exciting news is how fast Caledon is growing. With over 500 residents, Caledon now has 18 sims. Caledon Kittiwickshire, and Caledon Eyre, are it's newest additions. By the look of it, our great Guvnah, Desmond Shang, has at least 10 more sims planned, with two large mountainous islands to the north of the mainland, and a middle sea. You have to see the map of what Desmond has planned at the Guvnah's Mansion in Victoria City, if you haven't already.

Recently, I visited the relatively new Victorian Wild West sim of Tombstone. Contrary to the rumours I have heard from others, it is NOT a bad place. I saw no shootouts. I was treated quite gentlemanly by the Sheriff, Thaddeus Riel, and also by it's Mayor, a certain Mr. Wraith (his last name sadly escapes me). The residents are very friendly. One in particualar, Navajo Elder Waya Babii, took 98 and I to her village, and we were shown great hospitality. Though it does not have the amenities of civilaztion to which I am accustomed that Caledon, New Babbage, Neualtenberg, or Steelhead have to offer, nevertheless, I highly recommend a visit to the Tombstone. It would appear that they are in a sort of feud with a rival sim named Tombstone Arizona. As I firmly believe in the addage that one who meddles in the disputes of others is like one who grabs a lion by it's private parts, I am steering clear of those hostilities.

Finally, it seems that trouble still lurks Caledon. Even as the winds of war with Neualtenberg calm down, a new threat looms. There is a rumor of a werewolf roaming Caledon. I have not seen the creature myself, but numerous reliable witnesses attest to having seen the lycanthrope. Colonel O'Toole gives a description of his chase of the beast, ending at my pavillion, though I swear I never noticed it pass by.

There is also something of persoanl importance to me, that has taken place, but I will reserve that for my next post!