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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Engagement Party

Last evening 98 and I celebrated our engagement with a wonderful party hosted by 98 at his estate. I got to spend several intimate moments with the love of my life.

I must admit this is all so thrilling and exciting to me, while yet being a little bit frightening. Yet I always feel safe in his caring arms. It's nice to know that there is someone out there that views you as special. The feeling of loving and being loved is intoxicating.

Many of the usual suspects were there, and a number of others. It was a warming feeling knowing so many people care about me. Of course, the Duchesses were there, Ladies Eva and Gabrielle (and Gabi was hosting her own GenX event in Mayfair at the same time...I was greatly honoured she was able to make it!) Among the Caledonians, Lady Kate Nicholas was there as well as Caledon's notorious Colonel (or is it now Post Captain, I get so confused who is titled and ranked as what anymore), Hotspur O'Toole, master code poet Sir ZenMondo Wormser, the intrepid Qlippothic Projects, Miss Lavendar Beaumont, Miss Abigail Raymaker, Diamanda Gustafson, Astronomer and equestrian Mr. Nerk Noonan, Mr. Roy Smashcan, the indomitable Miss Hermoine Pennyfeather, inventor dragon extraordinairre Dominic Webb, Miss Taibah Takahe (sp?), Starlight Vandemer (sp again?), Dr. Darien Mason, and several other Caledonians who I just met that night and whose names escape me. 98's furry friends Tossi, Tails, Amy, and Roze, and another of his friends, Chloe (who I believe is a queen or princess in her land), also were in attendance. I am sure I missed several others, and my apologies are already forthcoming for haven forgetten you.

We did have a surprise visitor...the WEREWOLF! Miss Diamanda Gustafson managed to get this picture of him as he fled. If I had been prepared, I would have had a beautiful pic of him leaping over the guests. Needless to say, by the time I got my camaera in angle, he managed to disappear in the shadows before I could get a shot off. I doubted the rumours before, but now I know they are true!

As the party wound down, there was only 98 and myself, and Tossi and Tails dancing. Tossi is a dear friend of 98's, and contributed his time as D.J. for the event as his engagement gift to us.

Tossi and Tails working it.

Finally, it was just 98 and I. What a wonderful evening, filled with good friends, good times, and good memories. I love this red dress 98 got me, it matches the new shoes I got just the other night at Lassitude & Ennui in Victoria City. I must admit, I came near to tears when 98 had Tossi dedicate the song "Angel" by Evanessance to to me. That is our special song, and whenever I hear it, I think of 98. Thank you all who came, and thank you, 98 for a romantic evening!


americanpsyco98 said...

it was a grand time my love it was a perfect evening
i love you Amber

Amber_Palowakski said...

I love you too, 98!

Frequency Picnic said...

Congratulations, again! I had a great time and was very happy to meet 98's friends as well.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Thank you, Freq, glad you were there, and glad you enjoyed yourself!

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