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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Honourable Mr. JJ Drinkwater's Rezz Day Party

Me and my fiance 98 working the dance floor at JJ's Rezz Day party

Once again, Caledonians and Steelhead citizens gathered together to this case Caledon's honourable Librarian Extraordinarre Mr. JJ Drinkwater's Rezz Day. As per usual, the DJ'ing was performed by none other than the incomparable Duchess of Carntaigh, Lady Gabrielle Riel, through her Riel Radio programme. It was hosted by the wonderful Duchess of Primvernesse, Lady CoyoteAngel Dimsum, on her fantabulous Steampunk Estate, on a sky platform of wonderful modern technology.

The music was awesome, the venue fabulous, and the company inestimable. The highpoint of the evening was the Haiku Manwich, which was enjoyed by 99.99999999999999999% of the guests (myself included among those who enjoyed the festivities. Sir ZenMondo Wormser, and the Rezz Day Boy himself, "dueled" it out with a series of 5-7-5 haiku's honouring the Duchess' grace and beauty.

Sir Zen and Mr. Drinkwater exhibiting their their Haiku skills, among other things.

For those who missed it, I include a transcript of the Haiku exhibition:

JJ Drinkwater: Good Sir ZenMondo/I think it now behooves us/ to Oblige Her Grace?
ZenMondo Wormser: To oblige her grace / no greater honor is this / to serve great beauty
JJ Drinkwater: to serve great beauty/ one poet tries with his skill/ *two* must use teamwork
ZenMondo Wormser: Two must use teamwork / a bond not to be broken / Three is much stronger
JJ Drinkwater: Three *is* much stronger/ a number famed in magic/ three wishes, three fates....
ZenMondo Wormser: Three Wishes, Three Fates / three dancers are intertwined / Grace is apperant.
JJ Drinkwater: Grace is apparent/ if Grace turns away from one/ the next will catch her
ZenMondo Wormser: The next will catch her / If one is falling in love / never hit bottom
JJ Drinkwater: never hit bottom/ when Beauty's held by we who/ pass Grace hand to hand
ZenMondo Wormser: Pass Grace hand to hand / whispers will pass heart to heart / sharing the beauty.
JJ Drinkwater: Sharing the beauty/ to have a fellow who knows/ my meter, is joy
ZenMondo Wormser: "My Meter is Joy" / I think Drinkwater's Bragging / there is more than size.
JJ Drinkwater: there is more than size/ when as well as height and breadth/ we measure in rhyme
ZenMondo Wormser: we measure in rhyme / passion surely is no crime /while dancing in time
JJ Drinkwater: while dancing in time/ we find, too, that there is space/ for this energy
ZenMondo Wormser: for this energy / propelling us to the sky /more than potential

I am certain Mr. Drinkwater enjoyed himself for the extremely largest part of the evening, as could be said for the extremely vast majority of the other atendees. Once again, Happy Rezz Day JJ!

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