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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Getting Up To Speed

Haiku Duel Between Colonel Somme and Mr. Drinkwater at the Duchy of Caledon Primvernesse

Well, it would appear that alot has happened in the last month. I must beg my readers' forgiveness for being so slow to returning to my diary. At the best of times, I am not the most diligent of writers, and the hectic and fast-paced events of Caledon has kept me from my duties in regards to my journal.

How can I even begin? To start with, I returned to the land of the living May 11th. After 40 days and 40 nights in the Underworld with no blood to sustain my Vampyric tendencies, they were weakened to the point that Dr. Darien Mason was able, through the use of ancient and arcane means, to restore my spirit pristine to to my Fae body, purified from the taint of Vampyrism. I once again walk the land of the living, as one of the living. The same Dr. also kindly restored my son Elijah Bastillion, freeing him from that curse as well, through the usages of Magycks even I am fearful to call upon (such as invoking that Nameless Ancient One, Cth***). Sadly, while I was gone, evil forces managed to kidnap my daughter, Raivyn Elizabeth, and until I can recover her, she is yet infected. Hopefully, the stasis spell I have placed upon her will keep her safe till she is once again in my arms.

Caledon is indeed the place of parties. It seems like upon my return, there were more parties on my social schedule than I almost could handle. We celebrated my Rezz Day at my pavillion the night of my return, as well as it being a welcome back party of sorts. It was indeed a pleasurable time. We also during this past month celebrated both the Honourable Kate Nicholas' and Her Grace the Duchess of Loch Avie, Lady Eva Bellambi's Rezz Days. Of course, there was also the party launching the opening of Her Grace the Duchess of Carntaigh, Lady Gabrielle Riel's "Radio Riel". We had the final ball of the Caledon Spring Social Season, and the Relay For Life Pirate's Ball event. As usual, most of these events "degenerated" into raves, with topless Baronesses and Duchesses, Mr. Drinkwater in a thong, and many men just wearing kilts. There were several infamaous Duchess sandwiches, with Red Caliber, Kate Nichols, and myself all serving as luscious meats. We even had a mud wrestling match once (very humorous).

There was a magnificent Haiku Duel (another Relay For Life event), between Caledon Librarian J.J. Drinkwater and Colonel Exrex Somme. Sir ZenMondo Wormser served as Mr. Drinkwater's second, while Colonel Hotspur O'Toole stood as Colonel Somme's second. The beautiful Shylah Garmes moderated. It was a close match, quite humorous and bitingly sarcastic at times, but both gentlemen ended the duel in a most honourable manner, and Mr. Drinkwater won the event. Lots of money was raised for Relay For Life.

Another big event was the Tournament For Life, held by Duchess Eva, and her friend Telemachus Dean, whereas there was an exchange of cultural ideas between Gor and Caledon, and a magnificent series of duels. Though our Colonel Hotspur O'Toole was smaller than the Gorean warriors, he held out quite well during his match, and though he lost, he did so bringing honour to Caledon. Once again, much money was raised for Relay For Life.

J.J. Drinkwater held several events of note. One was a very fascinating discussion on steam-powered, armoured naval vessels during the Victorian era at the library. Another was an exposition on the Brownings. Both were very informative. I myself am grateful for Mr. Drinkwater's contribution to the intellectual expansion of Caledon!

Some really exciting news is how fast Caledon is growing. With over 500 residents, Caledon now has 18 sims. Caledon Kittiwickshire, and Caledon Eyre, are it's newest additions. By the look of it, our great Guvnah, Desmond Shang, has at least 10 more sims planned, with two large mountainous islands to the north of the mainland, and a middle sea. You have to see the map of what Desmond has planned at the Guvnah's Mansion in Victoria City, if you haven't already.

Recently, I visited the relatively new Victorian Wild West sim of Tombstone. Contrary to the rumours I have heard from others, it is NOT a bad place. I saw no shootouts. I was treated quite gentlemanly by the Sheriff, Thaddeus Riel, and also by it's Mayor, a certain Mr. Wraith (his last name sadly escapes me). The residents are very friendly. One in particualar, Navajo Elder Waya Babii, took 98 and I to her village, and we were shown great hospitality. Though it does not have the amenities of civilaztion to which I am accustomed that Caledon, New Babbage, Neualtenberg, or Steelhead have to offer, nevertheless, I highly recommend a visit to the Tombstone. It would appear that they are in a sort of feud with a rival sim named Tombstone Arizona. As I firmly believe in the addage that one who meddles in the disputes of others is like one who grabs a lion by it's private parts, I am steering clear of those hostilities.

Finally, it seems that trouble still lurks Caledon. Even as the winds of war with Neualtenberg calm down, a new threat looms. There is a rumor of a werewolf roaming Caledon. I have not seen the creature myself, but numerous reliable witnesses attest to having seen the lycanthrope. Colonel O'Toole gives a description of his chase of the beast, ending at my pavillion, though I swear I never noticed it pass by.

There is also something of persoanl importance to me, that has taken place, but I will reserve that for my next post!


emillyorr said...

Tombstone--to prevent rivalry and confusion, in the main, with its lesser township--is contemplating changing its name to Silverado, thus ending the debate.

I am not involved in the struggle, but having lived in the other Tombstone, I'm more in favor of the one you visited.

Now, on the werewolf in Caledon...sure it wasn't Steelhead's own, Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega? You may want to ask before the men with the torches arrive. He's a very polite werewolf.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Well, I am normally inclined to approach things diplomatically with people of differing backgrounds than brother, Colonel (H.M.S. Ret.) Gottfried Lord Eusebio, himslef is a werewolf, and is one of the kindest, gentlest of beings. Yet I am concerned about the reliable accounts of the maulings. I tend to think the werewolf is neither Sheriff Ortega nor Lord Eusebio. Definitely, more investigation will be required before action is taken. :)

americanpsyco98 said...

most wonderful post darling very informative

americanpsyco98 said...

as far as the werewolf goes im glad i made that silver laced sword with it being spotted so close i just hope he/she isnt someone we know

Qlippothic Projects said...

Sheriff Ortega has publicly denied ever having wandered through Caledon in Lupus form, much less with intent to terrorize the locals.

Amber_Palowakski said...

I myself am positive it is NOT Sheriff Ortega! Besides being totally out of character for him, he never appeared on my MystiTool HUD, on each of the two occassions the werewolf wandered through my parcel, once being chased by Colonel O'Toole, and once being chased by Colonel Sputnik, while on both occasions, the two Colonels did appear on my HUD.