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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Werewolf Finally Captured....on Daguerotype!

My brave soon-to-be-knighted Americanpsycho98 Book Battleing the WereWolf!

What a most interesting of Caledonian nights!

Finally caught a decent piccie of the beast....

Ok, here I was, hard at work at my Estate in the Moors, working with urgency on my Wiccan Ritual Altar, in part to find a cure and protection from "The Were". As I diligently laboureded on micro-primming, by my Fey powers I was aware the were-beast was about to pass close, but safe-assured in the protection my future knight of the estate, Americanpsycho98 Book, I contnued to work unabated and undaunted by the werewolf's swiftly encroaching lope. Sure enough, he passed by us close, and 98 gave immediate chase. Nonchalantely, I continued working, till 98 decided I needed to be near him for safety. I joined him anon, and was greeted by quite a large crowd of Caledonians, some thirsty for the blood of the beast, and some hungering to help and rehabilitate him.

Another shot of the critter, crouching...whether in anticipated attack, or fear, I know not...

So I joined my beloved at the Moors cemetary, where quite a large crowd had gathered. There was much ado about nothing at first. 98 apparently wounded the beast with his silver-forged sword Bloodfang, but the other-worldly creature continued his prowl of the Caledonian country and town-side unfazed. Without warning, suddenly a number of people equipped with the anti-werewolf talisman, developed by the inteprid and industrious Mr. Lucius Sin, gave signal that the were-critter was upon us! Using my Fey powers, I enhanced my dagguerrotype with a lighting exceptionally above at what is normal night in our faire nation. I caught the above-two shots using this ancient and arcane magyck. It's amazing what the Fey can see at night, and how well, that mer emortals are incapable of.

Suddenly, I decided to give the beast a chase, using my Sidhe abilities of swift flight. I ran him into Professor Avalanche's Werewolf-trapping cage, but before the cage could close entirely, with super-human speed the rascalry lycanthrope escaped at he last minute! I hounded the monster into Caledon Tamrannoch, where I lost him. Anon, my beloved 98 joined me. As we stood discussing the creature's habits, he suddenly rushed past us! 98 took immediate chase! He had already wounded the creature this evening, and thought he could catch him, but the lyc's super-bestial strength allowed him to escape. We returned to the Moors cemetary, where a large crowd of Werewolf hunters were gathered.

Werewolf hunters, with my VERY brave 98 standing guard over me!

Certain of my Fey protection, I was positive the Were could not harm me, but 98 insisted on protecting me! (Goddess, isn't he sweet!) It was then I decided I needed a talisman developed by Mr. Lucius Sin, which is available at the Caledon Moors telehub for $100L, and helps support Relay For Life (not to keep me safe, but to help me be aware of the the were's presence!) Sure enough, the Werewolf appeared AGAIN! I am beginning to believe my 98's assertion that the lycanthrope has plans for me. We all gave him chase, but at the Moors/Tamrannoch border, he esacaped,

Chasing the Were the fourth time for the night!

In any event, returning *again* to the Moors cemetary, we encountered an outworlder police officer, who had the temerity to try to make order of our Caledon lynchmob. Being the highest-ranking Caledon nobility in the vicinity, I took it upon myself to firmly inform the outworlder that we Caledonians have our own law, and having no Guvnah, Vicereine, Duchesses, or Countesse at hand, and being mere feet away from my Baronial estate, I let it be known that she had no authority in our nation...especially AFTER she rudely told me she was going to take me in for questioning! Needless to say, the grim but silent affirmation of my fellow Caledonians silenced her. Indeed, quite an eventful night in Caledon, when I was expecting to merely do some building, and spend time with my sweetie!


americanpsyco98 said...

this was a eventfull night my love but i cant help but to protect you from harm

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Wow! What a Duchess does miss when she is out of Caledon for even a little bit.
Well done 98...and well done to you Lady Amber.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Thank you, my sweetest 98, and thank you, Lady Eva. As I re-read the post I made last night, I have come to a conclusion...don't post on blogs when you are well-drunk. I was very disappointed in myself at how poorly I had written it.

Eladrienne Laval said...

Oh my! What an evening that was!