My Daemon Persaon

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Failure, failure, failure!

I lay crumpled on the ground exhausted, in tears. I had worked long into the night, casting all the appropriate spells, using all the correct forms. I was able to get the necessary components for the spell (aka a brand new working mother board and power supply). I know the spell forms are correct, because I was able to feel the power flow through me, and made a tenuous start to the realms of the living (the computer booted up). But after that, everything went haywire. There was an unrealized shiled sent by the Keeper of the Underworld to block further efforts (it turns out my dvd player wouldn't open, I couldn't get the system repair dvd into it). Then, out of the blue, all the energies of my spell ceased (the same problem as before, the computer wouldn't power up at all). I am at wit's end. What am I to do? I can stand no longer to be trapped in this realm of shrouded fog. I must make it back to Caledon before Beltane!


americanpsyco98 said...

im so sorry my love i hope your back soo i truely miss you badly

Amber_Palowakski said...

*hugs you tightly for comfort as she weeps*

Gabrielle Riel said...

Dear Amber!

We miss you so!

Also, I have linked to your blog from mine:

I can not wait to welcome you home my dear. :-)

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

I am sending as much positive energy as possible your way. I so much want to be able to embrace you on Beltane (if not before) to welcome you back to the lands of Caledon.
You are missed.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Thank you, Your Graces, your moral support is exceedingly appreciated.These computer problems are quite seems like the powers of the Underworld are insistent that I am prevented from returning to Caledon and SL. Know I miss you and all of my fellow Caledonians severely. *hugs* I will link your blog to mine as well, Lady Gabrielle!