My Daemon Persaon

Friday, April 20, 2007

Living Caledon Vicariously

The mists of the Aethernet swirls about me...I try to peer into Caledon, but a fog obscures my vision. My prison still holds firm. But wait....I have descried a crack in the gloom....not a window into Caledon and the realms of Second Life itself, but rather, into the minds of certain residents must be some form of clairvoyance whereas I, who am trapped in the Keeper's Realm of the dead, can peer into their thoughts, and live the life of a Caledonian vicariously....I think the spirit realm calls it a blog...."Hello? Can anybody hear my thoughts?" It seems as if at least two have...the Lady Eva Bellambi and Sir Edward Pearse! I must explore this phenomena further....

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