My Daemon Persaon

Monday, August 6, 2007

What Is True

I went to a party,
That's when I saw you standing there,
I said "Hello" and you said nothing,
That's when you gave me quite a scare,
You vanished off into the thin air,
And then you later told me to go,
I couldn't even be your friend,
We really now have reached the end,
And we have nothing more to say.

You think that you are alone,
That only you can hurt this way,
You think that I betrayed you,
That I wanted it to die this way,
That I didn't love you anymore,
Well that's not even the truth!
My heart's still breaking into two,
And I still think and cry for you,
Even though I can't be with you.

You had promised me a new life,
One filled with all the joys of you,
And I was going to be your wife,
And one become instead of two,
But your lying words to my heart they just won't heal,
And all my soul can only feel,
The emptiness of dark despair,
My dreams have vansihed in the air,
I felt a knife twist in my back,
And you think I shouldn't care!

I took a stroll last evening,
I saw you standing from afar,
My heart yearned to go to you,
But you had made it very clear to me,
That me you no longer wanted to see,
So I just turned and walked away,
I have to take a differnt path,
Though my heart won't let go of the past,
And still I cry tears.

You think think that I never loved you,
Well darling that just isn't true!
My heart is ripping into shreds,
But that isn't something new.
Don't hate me 'cause I can move on,
and say "Goodbye" to what is gone!
I never wanted it this way!
To face each every empty day,
And sweetie I still miss you,
Even though it is the end,
And dearest that's true.

Amber Palowakski, August 6th, 2007


Icterus Dagger said...

You know, it's not anything compared to the hurt you are obviously feeling toward and because of each other, but it hurts me to see you both in this state.


You kids should take this to private chat or talk to each other one on one. I am not sure what purpose these quasi-public displays of angry videos, half-spoken revealments of what actually happened and finger pointing serves. If it's helping you to heal, so be it. If it's adding fuel to the fire, stop it now before you're both consumed.

Your (BOTH of you) friend,

emillyorr said...

Well...there is a point, there, actually.

Not that I decry anyone else expressing pain--it is, after all, the heart and meat of what I do on my journal, here--but there comes a point at which all the recriminations will bring you is...being me.

And then you'll get your own train wreck.

Not that they're not warming when they're ablaze, but in general...Don't be me. I serve best as a cautionary tale!