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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Bloodwing Foundation Caledon Red Cross Fund-Raver

The Bloodwing Foundation in Steelhead

Last night a "fund-raver" was held at the Bloodwing Foundation in Steelhead, to raise funds for the forthcoming Red Cross Hospital that will be erected in soon-to-be and greatly anticipated Caledon Regency sim. The event was hosted by Dr. Darien Mason-Bloodwing. For the event, the uber-DJ of Caledon's Radio Riel, Her Grace the Duchess of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Lady Riel, provided us the audio ear candy.
Of course, the usual suspects of Caledonians and Steelheadians were in attendance, plus Tombstone's Mayor Wraith Sardyk (sp?) and Tombstone's Sheriff Thaddeus Riel. A hungry street urchin stopped in, to whom we gave cake to eat (please, no Marie Antoinette joke here, it *was* a late night affair, and supper being long past, and the servants already sent to their respective homes for the evening, the only food available was cake). There was another stranger in atendance, upon whom I will comment momentarily.
The lovely and very well-made cake was provided by Steelhead's premier baker, Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse. Great fun and fantastic music was to be had by all, a Dalek battle ensued when the Dr. Who song came on, and of course it ended in semi-nakedness (of the PG sort), and some interesting discussion of pasties (of the not-so-PG sort). It seems alot of Absinthe flowed. I discovered there are interesting effects to mixing Absinthe and cake...I sure saw alot of faeries flying about, strangely they weren't green. Once again, 98 requested the song "Angel of Mine" for the final tune of the evening. smiles and blushes As is usual for the Caledon and Steelhead dances, I had a great time, and I hope that enough money was raised to get the hospital erected post-haste.

The lovely and appropriate cake designed by Lady Christine

There was a moment of unease, however. Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega had to step out to make his nightly rounds of Steelhead, ensuring no criminal activity was taking place. In his brief absence, and only moments after he left, a stranger came in. Though I had never met him before, I know by descriptions given to me by Sheriff Ortega that this could be none other than the notorious Jobias Barthelmess, were-wolf hunter of the Old World. And when he spoke, his thick accent immediately proved my suspicions true. Sheriff Ortega's cousin Purdie was visibly agitated, and several other of the guests showed signs of discomfort with the presence of this uninvited, and unwelcome guest, though in true Victorian fashion, everybody remained more than courteous.
One of the self-appointed "righteous ones", his breed of self-piety is most dangerous to all others, because such people believe with all their heart that they are the only upholders of the truth, and that they have a God-given right to exterminate all things they consider in their belief system to be evil, and that in their minds, the end justifies the means, hence any method of eradicating those who oppose their views is acceptable. And Mr. Barthelmess is known to have deposed a king that didn't hold to his viewpoint.
I knew I had to be careful, but couldn't help exchanging verbal sabers with the said "gentleman". While our tone remained civil, thee was no doubt to the undercurrent of tension between us as we made feints, thrusts, and parries of the conversational sort, testing each other's strengths and weaknesses. I tried to get answers from him as to why he was there, at our rave. He answered like a drunk man walks, going everywhere except where he is supposed to be going. Finally, as he bade us farewell, I gave my last parting touche, "There are many people who think to hunt the shadows of evil ... be careful the shadow you hunt is not your own." With those words, the umbra of brooding vengeance left the room, and we returned to our good cheer.

Steelhead's Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega

The mysterious and dangerous Mr. Jobias Barthelmess

Hoooo! Me in my lovely morning dress by Fuschia Begonia (I'm a Baroness, I can wear a morning dress in the evening if I want to!)

Dr. Darien Mason-Bloodwing Earl Edward Lord Pearse and his bride Countess Christine Lady McAllister-Pearse

Dr. Mistu Figaro (I think, too shadowy to tell for sure), Major Erasmus, Lady Gabi, and Lady Lavendar

98, Miss Dia, Lady Eva

A skeleton that wandered out of one of the Foundation's basement closets and danced with us

My sweetie 98, Miss Diamanda Gustavson in the background

Miss Lumina Elvjeheim

Sir Telemechus Dean, with Major Erasmus in the background

Attendees to the fundraiser enjoying the Radio Riel tunes

Myself and the others dancing in a state of semi-dress...notice one of the faeries flying by...maybe it wasn't the Absinthe and cake

Tombstone's Sheriff Thaddeus Riel looks like he feels out of place surrounded by semi-nude kilt dancers


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