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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Old News Part II - The Dark Victorian Ball

Attendees at the Dark Victorian Ball

Another event, that took place Saturday, July 7th, that I wanted to talk about, was the Dark Victorian Fashion Show and Ball. Sadly, the evening of the ball, my human had to go back to work, so I missed alot of it. I greatly enjoyed the fashion show, and ended up buying two Lapointe outfits, and a Fuschia Begonia outfit. Later, my sweetie got me two more Lapointe designs, and got himself one as well. This was the first SL fashion show I had ever attended, and all in all, I consider it well worth it. After the fashion show was over, 98 and I explored the Gothic/Dark Victorian sky platform, mingled with the crowd, then hied ourselves to Fuschia's and Lapointe's.
Sadly, my human was wore out from all the hours spent at work, and took a nap, thus missing the great werewolf hunt! From what I have been told, Miss Diamanda Gustafson put an end to the Beast's marauding of the Caledonian countryside, and Dr. Darien Mason-Bloodwing examined the body and found it to be of an almost demonic origin, not like the normal Lycan such as my brother Colonel Gottfried Lord Eusebio or Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega of Steelhead. While in some ways I am saddened by the Beast's demise, as I still held hope that he could be rehabilitated (I had hoped to complete my Wiccan altar and cast the appropriate incantions to help him), nevertheless, I am pleased that Caledonians no longer lived in terror of him.
Having awakened from her slumber, my human was able to rejoin me with 98, and off we were to the Dark Victorian Ball. Whilst my human only had a very brief time before she was off to work again, for the second time that day, I greatly enjoyed the ball, of what I was able to atend. Of especial humour was Colonel O'Toole shooting human brains and eyes. That damn O'Toole can bring incedibly crass and offensive material anywhere, and create smiles, laughter, (and the occasional rolling of the eyes, from the bystanders watching his antics)! The lag was incredibly high, and apparently I missed (THANKFULLY!!!!!) a heated discussion on whether slaying the Were was the correct thing to do, before I arrived...but overall, it was a grande day, as is most usual, in Caledon!

Me dancing in my new Lapointe outfit with 98

Lord Edward Pearse DJ'ing in his usual splendid form, with his lovely bride Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse dancing before him


Diamanda Gustafson said...

Drat, I see now how I was a grey blob for you all evening! I tried to snap a couple of pics myself, but the dances looked so out of sync that I didn't bother :)

Amber_Palowakski said...

*smiles* And the lag was aweful, as well!

Diamanda Gustafson said...

The above comment was of course referring to the 4th of July ball - the Dark Victorian one was a whole different matter which I have already pondered upon.

I really admired your wish to try to heal the poor soul that was trapped in the enormous body, contaminated by curse, but let me tell you something, when we gave the final blow, I could read in the beast's eyes something quite human, an odd sense of relief..

Amber_Palowakski said...

My Sidh senses have noticed the presence of what seems to the beast's departed Spirit still roaming the streets of Caledon. One can only wonder what sort of soul lurked under that fur. Perhaps a seance is in order.

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