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Monday, July 16, 2007

Concerning Titles in Caledon

Apparently, and to my great surprise, as if Caledon does not already have enough issues that are dividing us, there is now a controversy concerning the usage of titles in Caledon. sighs deeply in sorrow So I have decided to repost this comment I had made on Lady Lavendar's blog regarding this issue, to more publicly air my opinion on the matter.

First, it should be noted, as far as Caledon goes, Des supports, and even encourages the usage of titles. One only has to read the Caledon covenant. He created the Duchies. He recognized my brother and me as Baron and Baroness before we arrived to Caledon, and after arriving in Caledon, he noted us with our titles as such in the covenant. Indeed, one of the streets of Victoria City Des named "Bauerhoff"...that is the name of my baronial title. Desmond created the Duchies, he named Kamillah Hauptmann as Vicerein. And as you noted, he gives us the title "Aristocrat" when we join the Caledon group.As Desmond is the owner of Caledon, and it is primarily *his* vision of Steampunk Victoriana to which we are drawn, if he wants titled nobility and gentry in Caledon, that is *his* call.

Now, if we personally choose to take, or not take, a title...that is accordingly *our* call. I will not look down upon a person who prefers not to have a title. I only expect the same respect from that person towards me for choosing to wear one. The whole idea of SL is one of fun and rp. We are, for the most part, what we can't be in rl...Fey, Nekos, Furries, Vampyres, ...and the titled..., etc. If we are going to discriminate against a person because they choose to wear (or not wear) a title, then who are we going to discriminate against next, just because they don't rp the way we want to rp? If everybody in Caledon lived by this motto, "Live your own life freely, without seeking to harm others", this whole brouhaha about whether Caldonians should where titles would vanish. Live and let live.


Current Population: 2 said...

See, you humans think we Faeries lead complicated lives. We really don't compared to you lot, not at all. When we get a name given at our arrival (into whatever world it may be), we keep it. You people change them all the time. Makes this poor Pixie's head fair spin, let me tell you.

But in the end, it doesn't really matter what you're called, but who you choose to be. Actions speak louder than names. Even I can understand that ;0)

Fuschia Begonia

Hotspur O'Toole said...

there is now a controversy concerning the usage of titles in Caledon

What controversy is that? It has been a very interesting conversation without the slightest trace of hostility that I can detect. I think most people agree with you (I know I do). Call yourself what you will, or have someone else give you a title.. in the end, it's the respect for the person that will dictate the small concession of time to say "Lady" or "Sir" or "Yer Lordship" or "Grand Emperor Boonga" or whatever. Don't be sad! For once, I don't think we're at each other's throats over an issue, I really do.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Indeed, Miss Fuschia, actions *do* speak louder than names (or titles). "What's in a name," as the Bard once said, "a rose by any other name still smells as sweet." And I think Caledon has an Emporer's garden filled with sweet roses and many other splendid flowers!

Colonel O'Toole, I truly hope you are correct. I am tiring of the bloodletting a very small portion of Caledon's whole population has been inflicting verbally, much to the detriment of the greater community. But I am an optimist, and see a bright future ahead!

Abigail Raymaker said...

I fully agree with Lady Amber. It is everyone's choice to wear a title or not. There is no reason at all to look down on person because of their choice in this regard. Miss Abigail does not wear a title simply because her family were not peers.(There is more about Abigail's life before she came to Caledon on her blog.)

Amber_Palowakski said...

Ah yes, Miss Abigail, I read you backstory on your blog yesterday, it made for some very fascinating reading. Thank you for sharing it with us!